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Understanding homeopathic medicine and how it is made

German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century decided to treat ailments by generating symptoms the same as that of the treatment. This was the birth of Homeopathic medicine. When compared to conventional medication, homeopathy has always been slightly controversial. Alternative medication has always been this way. The simple nature of the treatment allows patients to meet an online homeopathic doctor and seek useful consultation. But many can vouch for its effects. The betterment of people from chronic illnesses like asthma, allergies and skin disorders has often divided the room about its efficiency.

What exactly is homeopathy?

To put it in the simplest way, homeopathy is the medical system where the body is instigated with natural substances to allow it to heal itself. The ideology is “like cures like”. This means ailments that have similar symptoms are treated alike. Here is how it work:

The idea is that -- if you consume a substance that triggers the same symptoms that you are showing from the ailment, it will reverse the effect. These substances are given to the patient in small doses or also referred to as “minimum dosage”.

For example, If a person is unable to sleep. The online homeopathic doctor will prescribe a drug that has caffeine in it. But this caffeine is in the most minimum dosage to help trigger the defense mechanism.

This is taken over long courses of time that can slowly help the body recover from the ailment without it being subjected to harsh drugs.

How are homeopathic substances extracted?

There are many sources of these medications. The most widely used source is that from natural resources like herbs, flowers, minerals, plans, leaves, etc. One of the rarest extractions in this field is that from microbes and bacteria. It makes perfect sense since they are used to induce symptoms. The base of the extraction is a process called dilution.

Once these substances are extracted they are processed thought multiple rounds of filtration in the form of dilution.

These substances are diluted in distilled water or alcoholic solutions for multiple iterations.

This helps to filter out the purest and the strongest part of the substance. The higher the dilution, the higher the potency of the substance.

Once the dilution is done, they are subjected to a process called “succussion”. In this, they are vibrated or shaken vigorously. This helps to retain the memory of the original substance within the vibration.

Why is this more popular?

A recent study shows that over 200 million people across the world are active users of homeopathic medication. With a Shaakya online homeopathic doctor now in arms-reach, there isn’t even the worry of accessibility. These treatments are made from purely natural substances which is why they become a popular choice. The horror stories of the side effects of modern medicine have shaken many. With homeopathy, there are no noted side effects to date.


As controversial as this may be, the mental and physical effects it has on the users have made it a rewarding option. They are cost-effective treatments with no adverse effects. And now with the power of the internet, available online.