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About Dr. S Kiran

Doctor S Kiran is a person who is committed to help people overcome their health problems and become healthy. As the saying goes, “Happiness is nothing more than good health”, and doctor S Kiran’s way of making the world a happier place is by making people healthy through homeopathy treatment.

Doctor S Kiran practices in Faridabad (Haryana) few kilometers from the capital city of India, New Delhi. She is a registered homeopathic Doctor from Central council of homeopathy Delhi. She has studied homeopathy intensively and is a well known practitioner in her field.

Doctor S Kiran has over 10 years of experience in homeopathic treatment through private practice and she has a bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy medicine and surgery (BHMS) from Bharti Vidyapeeth homeopathy college – Pune, India. She has treated over 3,000 patients with over 90% success rate. In 2010, she joined Buddha Charitable Trust (a social service NGO in Ranchi, India) and by working at this trust she treated many patients and provided free homeopathic treatment to the poor and the needy people.

Doctor S Kiran uses a holistic approach of combining homeopathic treatment with nutritional advice and counseling. She welcomes patients with all types of acute and chronic diseases. However, her special interest is in the treatment of Depression, Autism, Skin diseases, Allergies, Asthma, Piles and Migraine.