Welcome to Shaakya : 10 Years of experience!


welcome to shaakya homeopathy

SHAAKYA is a multi-specialty homeopathic online clinic run by Doctor S Kiran (India). We provide high quality homeopathic treatment for various physical and mental illnesses. Our homeopathic treatment does not have any side-effect and our method is to provide a complete cure by identifying the root cause of the illness. Most of our patients suffering from simple to acute and chronic diseases have been cured completely in a very short span of time. We are committed to the patient’s safety and cure by purely following the Hanhenmanian Laws of Homeopathy.

SHAAKYA Homeopathic online clinic is designed to provide homeopathic treatment to the global patients by using the online treatment protocol. The online clinic enables patients from any part of the world to easily connect with Doctor S Kiran and take treatment for their problems. The online clinic is specially designed for those patients who cannot visit the clinic personally. Our system ensures that there is no communication gap between the doctor and the patients. The information required for treatment is adequately collected and the patients get the same treatment and benefit as they do when they meet the doctor personally.

Patients can easily access the online clinic from their home using mobile, laptop or desktop. The online clinic helps the patients to break the distance barrier and save a lot of travel time. The online clinic also helps patients to save money as they are not required to take leave from work or office for the treatment. The online clinic is very appropriate for those patients who are homebound, who cannot leave home due to certain responsibilities.

Homeopathy can treat various mental illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress, etc. without causing any side-effect. We are also trying to cover such patients who are just fighting in their own without any medicinal help. There are a number of people in different parts of the world who are struggling in their life for peace and happiness. We, through this online clinic, are trying our best to treat such patients by providing homeopathic cure and proper counseling. We maintain the confidentiality of the patients and do not share their information with any other party.